James Morcom - Web Developer

Full-stack web developer with an interest in software craftsmanship and functional programming.

Maybe don't try to re-invent the wheel?

Given I've not found the time to add any more blog posts, I've switched to using Medium. In the time honoured tradition of functional programmers, I've started with a post that's basically about monads titled Why Functional Programming?

Finally creating a blog

I've had the morcs.com domain for over a decade now, and always thought I'd get around to doing something with it. Maybe build my own blogging engine, allowing me to play with some different technologies and write about it, but somehow I've never got around to it.

I realised what I need to do is start as simple as possible, Minimum Viable Product style and go from there.

So this is it, for now I'm hosting this as a static HTML page and CSS file in Amazon S3.

In order to make it quick to update I've set up a Linux build server running Jenkins, and for now all that does is publish the files to S3 every time I push them to my GitHub repo.

This means I can just edit in VS Code, commit & push and the changes should go live.